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By Rosemary Roberts

ISBN-10: 0761948724

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ISBN-13: 9780761948735

ISBN-10: 1412933315

ISBN-13: 9781412933315

This revision builds at the author's paintings of the final 5 years spent constructing a software to aid mom and dad and care givers with childrens from beginning to 4 years in deprived parts.

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8498CH1 2/13/02 38 6:15 PM Page 38 SELF-ESTEEM AND EARLY LEARNING It is entirely normal for brothers and sisters to play well together and to ignore each other, to agree and to argue, to love and to hate each other. These things are the basis of much early learning. This is not to say that ‘only’ children are disadvantaged. They have the benefit of their unique position and a longer period with an uninterrupted pattern of relationship with their parents; although they may need to develop certain social skills later, in the wider context of nursery, playgroup or school.

Gopnik, A. et al (1999), How Babies Think, London, Phoenix This fascinating book is about what babies know, and how they learn it. It is a summary of twenty-five years of research in philosophy, psychology, neuro-science and linguistics into the minds of children. ‘Parents who read this book should find themselves feeling both the shock of recognition and the shock of the new . . science and childhood belong together. ’ For reference . . Leach, P. (1997), Your Baby and Child, London, Penguin Books If you are looking for a thoroughly up to date and reliable guide to childcare and development from a parent or carer perspective, this is it.

Babies and young children generally behave according to how they see themselves 3. Try watching a child very carefully, for about half an hour. What have you learned about that child’s self-concept? 8498CH1 2/13/02 6:15 PM Page 21 BEING IMPORTANT ADULTS 21 RECOMMENDED FURTHER READING For sharing with children . . Waddell, M. & Benson, P. (1992), Owl Babies, London, Walker Books ‘Once there were three baby owls: Sarah and Percy and Bill. They lived in a hole in the trunk of a tree with their Owl Mother’.

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