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This publication makes an attempt to solve one of many oldest and bitterest controversies among the japanese and Western Christian church buildings: particularly, the dispute in regards to the doctrine of deification. A. N. Williams examines key thinkers, every one of whom is championed because the real spokesman of his personal culture and reviled via the opposite. Taking Aquinas as consultant of the West and Gregory Palamas for the East, she provides clean readings in their paintings that either reinterpret each one philosopher and convey a space of commonality among them a lot more than has formerly been stated.

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First, we can safely say that where we find references to human participation in divine life, there we assuredly have a claim specifically of theosis. This kind of claim regarding participation in divine life is carefully to be distinguished, however, from the idea of divine indwelling in the human person. Both schemes of sanctification draw on the notion of union, but whereas the latter locates sanctification within the creature and in via, the former locates it at the level of the divine and insists upon the inseparability of life in via and in patria.

Thus connecting Thomas' doctrine of deification to that of the Fathers before him. Second, two of the prime references to deification occur within the treatise on virtues. This location places the explicit references at the Summo's heart, for the treatise on virtues is one of its mainstays, if not its very core. Thus, while Aquinas uses the technical vocabulary of theosis sparingly, -when he does employ it, he does so in a context that could scarcely rank more highly in systematic importance to his work.

5 Thus, while surely emphasizing the qualification, he nevertheless firmly maintains, on the basis of the analysis of human discourse, a genuine participation in divine nature or divinization. By analyzing the nature of human discourse about God, Thomas has arrived at a depiction of a freely deifying God developed in close conjunction with his doctrine of divine simplicity. Thomas' theory of theological language ultimately rests, however, on his epistemology.

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