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This summons essentially resonates with the “archetypical picture” linked to water as a uncomplicated point, mentioned in bankruptcy 2, water because the portion of freedom, of mobility, of widening one’s horizon. even supposing Nietzsche himself kept away from doing what he summoned others to do, scientists like Darwin and novelists like Melville truly went to sea. Darwin, even if seemed via Nietzsche as an arid 6 and mediocre brain, uncovered himself to the adventure of a long term trans-oceanic voyage during which he did realize new worlds, new justifications, new ethical watchwords even (“struggle for life”) that have been to have a big effect on technological know-how, philosophy or even tradition at huge. different views are found in Moby-Dick to boot, corresponding to the theologian’s one, depicting the whale because the biblical Leviathan and the sea as that a part of the realm the place the good flood by no means abated. certainly, the translation of marine p- nomena in Biblical phrases is kind of omnipresent within the novel and in addition resounds within the perspectives and language of the philosophical sailor and story-teller Ishmael. yet what concerning the novelist’s whale? truly, there isn't one novelist’s whale. Ishmael-the-narrator unmistakably facets with the whaler’s viewpoint, yet Melville-the-author is attracted to, and attempts to do justice to, a plurality of voices.

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It wanted to develop alternative methods for analysing and clarifying authentic experiences of natural or psychic phenomena. Husserl himself engaged in this kind of research on a very abstract level, but some of his followers began to analyse more concrete possibilities of experience. e. the world outside laboratories) a considerable number of phenomenologists preferably relied on literary sources. Novels and poems were seen as efforts to give voice to concrete and 38 2 Antecedents: Comparative Epistemology as an Outcome authentic life-world experiences in a fairly accurate manner.

Outside laboratories, a completely different experience of nature may emerge. In conclusion, comparative epistemology agrees with the basic implication of Kant’s critical writing, namely that science does not tell us something about nature as such. We cannot speak meaningfully about nature “in itself”, beyond (and independent from) the possibilities of experiencing nature provided by human understanding (and the facilities we actually erect for making our experiences reproducible and more precise).

In response to nineteenth-century positivism, this movement acknowledges the possibility of other knowledge forms besides science, for example by rehabilitating the types of knowledge that structures our “lifeworld”. Indeed, phenomenologists have indicated how science evolves from certain presuppositions that can be challenged, thus opening up avenues for alternative possibilities of perceiving and understanding our world. Finally, special attention will be given to Gaston Bachelard. Although he did not yet use the term himself, he can be regarded as the true founder of comparative epistemology as a philosophical research field.

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