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Otari Wiltons Bush
Wellington, New Zealand

Project Team

Landscape Architect :  Wraight + Associates
Landscape Interpretation : Penny Allan
Landscape Ecology + History : Geoff Park
Client :  Wellington City Council
Project Status: Current

Project Summary:

The  master plan proposes new ways of fostering learning and discovery in Otari without compromising its botanical purpose. It recognises the park’s recreational values, preserving its role in conservation of rare and endangered species, all the while delivering an educational experience. It proposes ways for visitors to be immersed in New Zealand’s unique flora and its stories: snapshots of learning amid the richness of experience offered by the place. Using New Zealand plants as the primary medium for communication, the plan embodies ideas on the relationship between cultivation and wilderness, and Otari as a place of connections.

The landscape development plan does not set out to dictate development for Otari, but to establish a more sophisticated framework for the imagining of future projects than is currently operating. This is achieved through landscape principles which set the direction for all future development, strategies that suggest a series of bold moves which are sufficiently flexible to accommodate change as it occurs, and an integrated interpretation plan that identifies the most important themes for visitor experience and modes of communication for these themes.

The individual site specific components of the landscape development plan (referred to as ‘projects’) are envisaged to be achieved over a twenty year period, in time scales which are consistent with already established planning cycles.