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Waitangi Park
Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

Project Team

Lead Consultants: Wraight Athfield Landscape + Architecture (Wraight + Associates Ltd and Athfield Architects Ltd)
Environmental Engineering: Ecological Engineers
Landscape architecture: Government Architect’s Office Sydney
Civil + Structural Engineering: Spencer Holmes
Skate Park Development: Justin Wright
Illustration: Stantiall Studio
Client : Wellington Waterfront Limited
Project Status: Completed

Project Summary

The cross-Tasman team drew together eminent New Zealand design talent and Australian expertise in the field of environmental technology. A first for Wellington, if not New Zealand, in relation to the implementation of environmental infrastructure at such a large urban scale. The water sensitive urban design strategy not only promotes improvement of water quality, it contributes to the visual appeal of the park generating a unique quality.

The park’s environmentally sustainable design promotes:

– Water conservation
– Quality improvement of urban stormwater runoff (no net increase of pollution in natural water systems)
– Bio-diversity
– Use of renewable energy

Waitangi Park comprises a large urban park fringed by the harbour and augmented by a series of synergistically related environmental interventions. The park offers the city of Wellington a stimulating new urban landscape, catering for a wide range of activities that concurrently promotes the ideals of Environmentally Sustainable Development. The Park’s environmental infrastructure includes:

– Stormwater filtration of road runoff
– Bio-retention along Waitangi Stream
– Polishing in the Graving Dock
– Recycling of harvested water for irrigation
– Ecologically sourced plants from the Wellington region

Collaboratively designed environmental innovations:

– Waitangi stream diversion
The piped stream/stormwater currently running underground down Cambridge Terrace is to be diverted into Waitangi Park bio-retention system edging the Field. Water is to be harvested upstream of Cable Street via a weir mechanism. Pumps bring the water into the subsurface wetland, where heavy particulates are settled out and filtered.

– Waitangi stream
Between 10-15L/s of water is diverted into a 6.0M wide linear wetland system. Particulate pollutants are removed from the water as it passes though the densely planted native sedges and reeds where bio-organisms remove suspended pollutants.

– Graving Dock Wetland
A series of thickly planted sloped terraces provide a further polishing process as the water moves down slope towards the harbour.

– Storage Pond
Filtered Water is conveyed into a large open air pond. A combination of shallow planted ledges and deeper open bodies of water is visually captivating. The pond stores enough water for re-use in site-wide irrigation.

– Discharge into harbour
Water discharges at both the Waka Landing and Clyde Quay terminations of the linear wetlands.

– Bio-retention Treepits
Tree planting along the streetside promenade, in addition to framing this generously wide pedestrian way, incorporates bio-retention/ filtration features. Stormwater runoff from the parkside of the road and the promenade itself is directed into treepits through either a series of kerb slots or dish drains. Water collects within the sunken planted tree pits then slowly filters through the soil medium where contaminants are removed by micro-organisms inhabiting the root zone.

– Rain Garden corner Cable Street and Oriental Parade
Similar to the treepits along the street side promenade, the rain garden is designed to collect and filter stormwater run off from adjacent asphalt areas. Planted with reeds and other hydrophytic species the deep soil provides habitat for contaminant consuming micro-organisms.

Awards & publications

– Wellington Civic Trust Award, Supreme Winner – Waitangi Park, 2008
– Wellington Civic Trust Award, Best Public Space – Waitangi Park, 2008
– Sustainability Award of Excellence NZILA – Waitangi Park, 2008
– Gold Award NZILA for recreational park design – Waitangi Park, 2008
– Supreme Award NZIA for urban design- Waitangi Park, 2007
– Urban Design Gold Award NZIA – Waitangi Park, 2007
– Torsanlorenzo International Prize for Landscape Design and Protection – Waitangi Park, 2006